Clinical Consulting Services

Industry-Leading Expertise for Every Phase of Your Trial

From principal investigators to operational managers, ERG has assembled a team of industry leaders whose expertise spans multiple therapeutic areas and over 50 specific indications across all stages and types of clinical trials. We offer their knowledge to sponsors and clinical research organizations, helping identify opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls as you plan and implement your clinical trial.

Clinical Consulting Services infographic
Clinical Consulting Services infographic

The Power of an Advisory Board

While scientific excellence lays the foundation of an effective clinical trial, often other factors are critical to ultimate success—and expert advice can help ensure that every facet of your trial exceeds expectations. With experience developed in the course of over 5,000 trials, ERG has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge with which to help guide every stage of your clinical research trial. We also gather experts from across the industry: pharmaceutical executives, medical thought leaders, clinical investigators. Our specialists have a clear understanding of the complexities of the drug development process and can help you excel through the most time- and cost-efficient solutions, delivered as needed throughout the life of your trial

Protocol Design and Review

A strong protocol sets the foundation for ensuring patient safety, collecting high-quality data efficiently, reporting results promptly, and supporting future regulatory requirements. ERG harnesses deep knowledge of specific therapeutic areas to help you design the optimal protocol for your clinical trial. Indeed, our rigorous review process includes staff from any discipline that will “touch” that protocol, from principal investigators and clinical operations staff to regulatory, recruitment, pharmacy, and quality assurance personnel. This service is provided at no cost as a professional courtesy. We can also connect you to professional medical writers—often from among our advisors—who we can recommend as paid resources to write your protocols.

Budget and Contract Planning

ERG’s Contracts and Budgets team leverages historical data to efficiently and accurately plan budgets for even the most challenging clinical trials.

Study Feasibility and Site Recommendations

ERG centralizes our study feasibility process, assessing the needs of the trial and our internal capacity and expertise. While ERG sites are able to support most studies, we have a group of affiliate sites as well, collaborators we can tap to augment our service offerings and expand the resources we can provide our clients.

Vendor Resourcing

Vendor selection can be daunting. ERG can help. Having worked with most established clinical research vendors, we bring hands-on knowledge. We are happy to recommend vendors based on your specific program needs—including many of our own consultants—or to simply offer insights into vendors you are considering.

  • Rater Training Services
  • Centralized Core Laboratory Services (ECG, PSG, EEG, qEEG, Actigraphy)
  • Medical Writing Services
  • Medical and Clinical Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Niche CROs
  • Other Study Specific Services

Setting up Your Advisory Board

Tell us the therapeutic area in which you are working, type of study you are undertaking, and the phase of your trial, and we will gather the appropriate advisors to discuss your trial over a teleconference or a day-long meeting. Working closely with you, we:

  • Set the Advisory Board’s goals and strategy
  • Plan appropriate timelines
  • Identify the optimal moderator and board members
  • Develop detailed meeting agendas
  • Develop meeting budgets and manage costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Determine the length of engagement
  • Report meeting outcomes
  • Manage all logistics


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