Evolution Research Group, LLC (ERG) is proud to announce the acquisition of Endeavor Clinical Trials (ECT) of San Antonio, Texas, following their tenure as an ERG affiliate network member.  ECT has over 20 years of experience conducting over 185 clinical trials, specializing in post-operative pain, neuropathic pain, podiatry, and vaccine research, among others.  Endeavor Clinical Trials has a dual model approach to inpatient clinical research including access to hospital beds at prestigious local hospitals and surgical centers, as well as their newly opened, dedicated 6 bed in-patient (IP) unit.

Endeavor Clinical Trials is comprised of a clinical operations team of more than 45 and is led by Dr. Richard A. Pollak, who will remain with the company and continue to act as Principal Investigator.  Dr. Pollak is key opinion leader in podiatry, is board-certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.  Dr. Pollak is enthusiastic about joining Evolution Research Group stating, “The decision to join the ERG portfolio made so much sense given their experience, expertise and reputation in the industry.  It was very important to me that we select a group that values quality as much as we do.”

Leading the clinical trial operations at Endeavor is Denise Roberts, Executive Director of Clinical Operations and Site Development at ERG and a leader in the field of analgesic research.  Denise joined ERG several months ago and is leading the integration efforts, working closely with ERG’s clinical operations and quality assurance teams.  Denise is excited about the addition of ECT to the portfolio stating, “Dr. Pollak has built a quality-driven team and is well-connected in the medical community.  With the addition of our own IP unit, we will continue to set high quality control standards in our postoperative pain trials.”

ERG’s Chief Executive Officer, Lori Wright explained the strategic value of ECT joining the ERG family of portfolio companies, stating “ECT’s excellent reputation in the industry, and more specifically in the field of postoperative pain research, adds tremendous value to ERG’s established leadership position in the field of neuroscience research.”  As ERG continues to diversify within the CNS research space, Ms. Wright also commented, “The postoperative pain expertise that Richard, Denise and the ECT team bring to ERG nicely complements our psychiatry, neurology, addiction, sleep and early phase capabilities and broadens our service offering to the industry.”

Endeavor Clinical Trials is one of 8 portfolio research units owned and operated by ERG.  Evolution Research Group is the largest, privately-held clinical research site company in the United States.