Thievon-Wright Consulting Group (TWCG) announces the addition of NeuroTrials to its network of clinical trials sites. Founded in 1997, NeuroTrials Research is located in North Atlanta, GA. This independent clinical research facility specializes in sleep disorders, neurology, psychiatry, and pain management.  The site conducts both early and late stage studies, including phase 1 inpatient trials within its 15 bed clinical research unit.

Russell Rosenberg, PhD, D,ABSM, Director and CEO, is a board certified sleep specialist and clinical psychologist. He has been conducting clinical research studies in sleep and psychiatric disorders at NeuroTrials for more than 25 years, managing a highly experienced team of clinicians. D. Michael Lacey, MD is board certified in neurology and sleep medicine, with a background in Epilepsy/Neuromuscular disease and has served as an investigator for NeuroTrials for 20 years. Matthews Gwynn, MD is board certified in internal medicine and neurology, and specializes in the conduct of trials exploring treatment for various movement disorders. Collectively, the investigators have conducted 175 CNS trials including several in various sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, MCI, other dementias, MS, epilepsy, migraine, DPN, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, depression and bipolar disorder.

NeuroTrials operates a spacious, state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located near three of North Atlanta’s major hospital systems and is in walking distance of rapid transit (MARTA), allowing for tremendous access to various patient populations. “Our continued growth in investigational drug and device research has attracted award-winning neurologists, psychiatrists, pulmonologists and other specialists who act as principal investigators for various studies,” said Dr. Rosenberg.   “With more than 100 years of combined clinical research experience, our staff are fully dedicated to the patients we see each day. Our coordinators possess the experience and knowledge to complete studies in a timely fashion, focusing attention on the details that lead to successful trials.”

“We are thrilled to have added Dr. Rosenberg and his team at NeuroTrials to our established network of clinical research units,” commented Lori Wright, President and Founder of TWCG.   As we have been diversifying across various indications within neuroscience, we have been searching for sites with a history of high-quality study conduct and NeuroTrials meets all of our criteria for inclusion into this well-established and elite group of researchers.