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With so much at stake, you want the best minds focused on your clinical trial. ERG delivers, with teams of experts working on every facet.

Sarah D. Atkinson, MD

Pediatric Psychiatry

  • Medical Director, Principal Investigator and Founder, Finger Lakes Clinical Research
  • Conducted 100 clinical trials in adult and pediatric CNS indications, including depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety
  • Often consults with international clients in the planning and design of study protocols
  • Coauthored two recognized texts in the treatment of psychiatric disorders
  • Authored and contributed to numerous books and peer-reviewed journals
  • Has held numerous teaching fellowships in both psychiatry and mathematics
  • Board certified in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma (MD), Princeton University (MS), and Tulane University (BS)

Jim Aukstuolis, MD

Pediatric Psychiatry

  • Principal Investigator, Woodland International Research Group
  • Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator on more than 142 trials for adult and pediatric/adolescent populations
  • State-Appointed Member of the Children’s Behavioral Health Care Commission
  • Medical Director, Living Hope Southeast
  • Holds degrees from the University of Arkansas (MD, BA)
  • Board certified in adult and child psychiatry

Mark Brody, MD, CPI

Alzheimer’s disease

  • Medical Director and Founder of Brain Matters Research
  • Principal Investigator on more than 180 clinical trials seeking to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD), mild cognitive impairment, dementia and stroke
  • Founded one of the largest clinical research facilities in the US specializing in AD diagnosis, treatment and research
  • Has a private practice in neurology
  • Nationally recognized expert in both AD and stroke
  • Served as Medical Director, Comprehensive Stroke Program-Bethesda Memorial Hospital
  • Certified by the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals as a Certified Physician Investigator
  • Holds degrees from the University of Calgary (MD) and the University of Western Ontario (BS)

Stacy Dilzer, RN, CCRC

Renal and Hepatic

  • President, Clinical Pharmacology of Miami
  • Sought-after operational leader in early-phase execution and study design for healthy volunteer trials
  • Industry expert in the management and operation of 100s of Phase I-IV clinical trials
  • Extensive career as a study coordinator, project manager, Director of Clinical Operations, Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations
  • Coauthored numerous articles pertaining to clinical pharmacology
  • Holds a BS, Nursing from Florida International University
  • Registered Professional Nurse

Daniel Gruener, MD


  • Chief Medical Officer, Evolution Research Group
  • Served as Medical Director and Principal Investigator at St Louis Clinical Trials
  • Has participated in 400 early- and late-phase clinical trials
  • Industry-leading expert in psychiatry, pain, addiction, diabetes and HAL
  • Past board member of the American Pain Society
  • Author of numerous publications
  • Worked for PRAHS; CRI Worldwide; Penn Friends Behavioral Health System; Northeast Neuroscience Institute; Philadelphia Pain Program
  • Board certified by the American Academy of Pain Management and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Holds an MD from American University and a BS, Psychology

Kenneth Lasseter, MD

Clinical Pharmacology
Renal and Hepatic

  • Medical Advisor, Clinical Pharmacology of Miami
  • Cofounded Clinical Pharmacology Associates and Clinical Pharmacology of Miami
  • Has served as Medical Director and Principal Investigator on more than 1,800 clinical trials
  • Has contributed to more than 60 successful NDAs
  • Published over 300 articles and abstracts in the area of clinical pharmacology
  • Clinical Pharmacologist certified by the American Board of Clinical Pharmacology; board-eligible in cardiology and internal medicine
  • Holds degrees from the University of Florida, Gainesville (MD) and Stetson University (BS)

Richard Pollak, DPM, MS

Postsurgical pain

  • Founder, Principal Investigator, Endeavor Clinical Trials
  • Principal Investigator on more than 140 studies
  • Renowned author and lecturer in postoperative pain research in bunionectomy, abdominoplasty, and TKA among others
  • Industry leader in podiatry research, including diabetic foot ulcers
  • Holds degrees from Penn College of Podiatric Medicine (MS), the University of Massachusetts (BS), and California College of Podiatric Medicine
  • Board certified by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Denise Roberts, RN, CCRC


  • Executive Director, Clinical Operations and Site Development, Evolution Research Group
  • Extensive experience with postoperative pain models, as well as multi-therapeutic indications, specializing in mitigating placebo response
  • Managed and participated in the clinical research of more than 225 Phase I, early- and late-phase trials in various therapeutic areas, including the following postoperative pain indications: abdominoplasty, third molar extraction, bunionectomy, and total knee replacement
  • Developed and manages ERG’s Postoperative Analgesic Program across multiple clinical trial sites
  • Responsible for the design and build-out of a 10,000-square-foot acute pain research facility, which includes two operating rooms and 24 beds
  • Holds a degree from Utah Valley State College (ADN, Registered Nurse), ACRP Certification and NIH Certification

Stephen Thein, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease
Sleep disorders

  • Director, Principal Investigator and Founder of Pacific Research Network
  • Industry-leading researcher in the fields of sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia
  • Has conducted over 380 trials testing new medications to treat Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, migraine, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, social anxiety, multiple sclerosis and weight loss
  • Sought-after lecturer on topics related to the central nervous system/neurology and sleep disorders
  • Authored over 20 journal articles and scientific abstracts in several peer-reviewed journals
  • Holds degrees from the United States International University (PhD; MA, Human Behavior) and California Western University (BA)

Sherwyn Schwartz, MD


  • Senior Medical Lead, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Evolution Research Group
  • Has conducted 1200 studies, primarily in NASH, diabetes and endocrinology
  • Published 225 papers and authored three books
  • Expert in conducting clinical research in diabetes, NASH and other indications in endocrinology and metabolism
  • Founder and Former Director of DGD (Diabetes & Glandular Disease Research Associates), San Antonio, Texas
  • Holds degrees from the University of Illinois (MD, BS)